Security updates released for LabKey Server

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Security updates released for LabKey Server Keith  2024-04-10 10:38
Status: Active

We are reaching out to inform LabKey Server users about a critical security update that was released on Monday, April 8. This update addresses several issues, including a vulnerability affecting LabKey Servers operating in Development mode.

Development mode provides enhanced logging and troubleshooting features to help identify and solve developer coding issues. While a Production server should never run in Development mode, some Staging, Test, and Development servers are configured to run in this manner. Follow these steps to check if a server is in Development or Production mode.

We recommend upgrading your LabKey Server instances to one of the updated releases (links below). If you have servers running in Development mode, this upgrade should happen immediately:

Similarly, for local development instances, it is recommended to pull the latest changes from LabKey’s Github repository to incorporate these critical updates.