LabKey Community Forum Guidelines


Welcome to the LabKey Community Forum

We at LabKey have provided an extensive and extensible free software platform with our Community Edition. With this free platform, you also have access to our documentation, tutorials, examples, and answers to forum questions here that will help guide you in making the most of your LabKey installation.

 LabKey also offers several Premium Editions, all of which include individual support from our team who will prioritize answering your specific questions and helping you with debugging and development. If you are already using a Premium Edition, please open a support ticket on your client portal for a more immediate and specific reply.
We are unable to provide custom support for the no-charge Community Edition, but will do our best to answer general questions in this forum as time allows. You should expect a turnaround time of weeks, not days, though other community members may have answers for you sooner.

LabKey Community Forum Guidelines

Following this set of guidelines will make it more likely that we can help you and other users like you.

1. Never Post PHI or Sensitive Information

You are solely responsible for the content you post. When posting to the community forums, refrain from including any protected or private health information or personal information such as passwords.

2. Search our Website Prior to Posting

As a Community Edition user, you are expected to take full advantage of our extensive free documentation and resources. Before posting, search the documentation, prior forum posts, and API documentation, if applicable. A handy search bar is provided on the home page of the support portal.

3. Provide as Much Information as Possible

The more details you provide, the more likely we or someone in the LabKey community can answer your question. For example, include versions, system details, a full description of the problem, steps to reproduce it, full error messages, screenshots if helpful, and what troubleshooting you have already done.

4. Create One Thread per Topic

Create one thread and only one thread for each subject or LabKey feature you need help with. Although it may seem to be easy to list all of your issues in a single post, this creates difficulty in providing clear and specific answers, as well as confusion for other forum users that may search through posts to investigate their own issues.

If you find yourself with a list of issues, you might consider whether a Premium Edition is right for you.

5. Don't Reuse Old Threads

If you find an old thread with a similar question that has already been resolved, but the answer does not apply to your specific situation, please open a new thread. Feel free to reference (by link) the older thread as additional details of what you've already tried.

6. Stay on Topic

If the answer to one question raises an unrelated question for you, please open a new thread. Threads are best searched by topic so if the conversation moves in a new direction, new posts are preferred.

7. No Duplicate Posts or 'Bumping'

Creating the same post many times will not expedite assistance. Nor will bumping your original post to express urgency or request increased attention. Users of the Community Edition are using a very powerful platform provided at no-charge by LabKey. We completely understand and empathize with the importance of your work that you may have urgent needs for solutions, however we are only able to provide expedited support to our clients using Premium Editions of LabKey.

8. No Spam

Advertising and spam posts are not tolerated on the Community forum.

Note: this list is not exhaustive, and is subject to change over time, so please re-read it regularly. We strive to keep forum discussions focused and productive. Posts that do not follow our guidelines or contribute to the community may be edited or removed without notice. User accounts are subject to deletion without notice for posting inappropriately.

Support options vary based on LabKey Server Edition, as shown in the grid below.

  Community Edition Starter Edition Professional and Enterprise Editions
Response approach Public forum posts Private support portal plus email, video chat, or phone Private support portal plus email, video chat, or phone
Response time As time allows 1 Business Day 1 Business Day
Topics supported Basic LabKey Server topics Basic and Premium LabKey Server topics Basic, Premium and Extended LabKey Server topics
    Installation, maintenance, and upgrade assistance Installation, maintenance, and upgrade assistance
    Minor code review and basic scripting/querying support Code review and developer support
      Development and system architecture advice
Access to documentation Public documentation Public and premium documentation Public and premium documentation

Please Contact us to inquire about subscribing to a Premium Edition.