LabKey Server Version 2.3 Now Available

LabKey Server Version 2.3 Now Available eknelson  2008-02-11 13:37
Status: Active
The LabKey team is pleased to announce the release of LabKey Server v2.3. This release represents another important step towards our vision of providing facilities like yours with a centralized scientific data management system (SDMS) for all your experimental and observational study information.

LabKey v2.3 enhancements include:
- A new MS1 module for importing and viewing MS1 features from files generated by the open-source msInspect tool.
- Improvements to peptide-based MS2 run comparisons, including the ability to compare runs from different search engines and view XPRESS quantitation data.
- New facilities for integrating data from participant-completed forms with assay results derived from each participant's biological specimens.
- Better support for viewing dataset "snapshots" and direct, read-only database access to the underlying study tables for users of SQL-based query and reporting tools.
- TZM-bl neutralization assay (NAB) enhancements, including better data upload options, customization of assay parameters and new support for four- and five- parameter curve-fitting graphs.

For more details on features and fixes, please see What's New in 2.3:
To get the new release , please go to the Download Center:

(Note: The official 2.3 release is build 7806. If you happened to download an earlier build of 2.3, please upgrade to 7806.)

On the download page, you will find the Windows setup program and the built binaries for manual install on other operating systems. Both the setup program and the manual installation support automatic upgrade of prior versions of LabKey Server. We recommend that all existing LabKey users upgrade to version 2.3 (after backing up their databases). Report any problems you may encounter via the support boards on

Thank you for your continued support,

The LabKey Team