Changing display/header name for study's subject ID field

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Changing display/header name for study's subject ID field olnerdybastid  2018-06-08 16:03
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I have a study that was initialized to display subject IDs as "Subject ID" in Manage -> Change Study Properties -> Subject Column Name. Now I've been asked to standardize the way all the identifiers are displayed across our study and change this display to "SubjectID" (remove the space). I've tried both changing the value in Subject Column Name to reflect this as well as individually setting the columnTitle value for all of my datasets in datasets_metadata.xml and re-importing dataset definitions, but all my datasets still display "Subject ID" in their header.

Oddly, if I change the Subject Column Name to something else with a space in it, like "my friends", it will display as "myfriends" without a space. But it won't subtract the space if I set the display name to "Subject ID"--inconveniently the one instance where I don't want it to preserve the space. I don't see any constraints on this field's display name in the docs here ( Is there a way for me to change this field's header to display the way I want?

Jon (LabKey DevOps) responded:  2018-06-22 21:25

The only way I've been able to overcome this is by going into the Schema Browser and editing the XML Metadata for each specific table in the Study schema that has "Subject ID" in it and change the label to "SubjectID". (Note: Removing it will only bring that spaced label back.) It is a bit tedious, but it does work.