Git Migration: Test and customModules

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Git Migration: Test and customModules Trey  2019-05-29 14:59
Status: Closed

We just finished the next step in our effort to migrate our source code from SVN to Git. The previous step was the creation of the platform and commonAssays repositories.

This time, we are migrating our central automated test code (from server/test) and all of the modules from server/customModules. The bulk of this change happed in SVN revision 63845.

Steps for updating your local enlistment to the new structure:

  1. Before syncing SVN, create a patch with any pending changes to server/test, server/customModules, externalModules/onprcEHRModules, externalModules/maccoss, or sampledata/qc
  2. Get rid of the dependencies.txt files that are generated in some of the resources/credits directories for modules that have moved. You can do this manually or with the gradle command: './gradlew cleanWriteDependenciesList'
  3. Do an SVN update
    • You may encounter tree conflicts if you skipped the previous step. Delete the directories manually and resolve the tree conflicts to continue.
  4. Clone '' into the 'server' directory
    • Optional - only necessary if you wish to run automated tests
  5. Clone any, all, or none of the new module repositories into 'server/modules'
  6. Update any customizations to your settings.gradle file to use the new module locations