Have you looked at Deft JS?

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Have you looked at Deft JS? slangley  2012-11-26 16:38
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Dear LabKey Developers,

Have you looked at the Deft JS Library?


I was thinking of how it might be useful for instantiating the appropriate types of my custom Ext JS classes at runtime using a factory function, based on the results of a database query.


Nick Kerr responded:  2012-11-26 17:11
Hi Scott,

Thanks for posting.

We investigated loading mechanisms for client-side dependencies with the release of ExtJS 4. In terms of dependency loading, Deft JS seems to be a slightly different take on the Ext.Loader utility currently available.


This works well for us in development environments where we want each of the dependencies to be served individually. I would not recommend using this in a production setting for performance reasons. In production, we tend to use the minified dependency libraries that can be declared in LabKey:


Note, this is not done at runtime, but does allow for ExtJS-independent script packaging.

As for the MVC portion of Deft JS, we don't use ExtJS MVC extensively. It is interesting to see what people consider areas for improvement in Ext's take on MVC.