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why is TPP in such a abysmal state?

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why is TPP in such a abysmal state? pe243  2017-11-21 05:20
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hi eveyone,

Maybe most popular among science/business distibution - Centos/Scientific Linux - and TPP ver. 4.8, 5.0, 5.1 they all fail to compile, only 4.7 managed to compile successfully. I've tried different compilers/toolsets and all versions above 4.7 do not compile.
Do you guys use any newer TPP version than what Labkey's docs suggest?
If yes, do these new versions compile for you?

My thoughts...
I'm no programmer but I thought before, TPP developers might live on a different planet, planet Windows but, I did not suppose that planet is in a far far away galaxy!
How could you release anything(not to mention carry on developing this way) without testing and proofing your software? Only, if you do not give a toss?
Jon (LabKey DevOps) responded:  2017-11-27 00:19
Hello Pawel,

We haven't updated TPP in some time, so we haven't attempted to try and compile the newer releases since 4.6.3 according to our docs:


TPP does have an active support mailing list, which I think might be able to provide you the support you need for this specific bit of software: