The following open source components can be used in conjunction with LabKey Server. Some of these components are included in the default LabKey Server installation for Windows. For other platforms, you need to download and compile them yourself. This page lists the licenses that govern their use. If you are not using some modules, you do not need all of these tools.


Graphviz (All)

Trans Proteomic Pipeline (MS2)

X!Tandem (MS2)

  • Component Name: X!Tandem
  • LabKey Development Owner:
  • Information: As of version 9.3, LabKey Server uses a version of X!Tandem that is included with the TPP.

Proteowizard (MS1, MS2)

peakaboo (MS1)

  • LabKey Development Owner:
  • Information on ProteoWizard:
  • Windows binary is included with LabKey Server installer.
  • Install Instructions:

pepmatch (MS1, MS2)


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