Detection and integration of large molecules

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Detection and integration of large molecules fuyanli  2018-01-08 14:02
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I am now working on large molecules such as archaeal GDGTs (m/z: 1302, 1300, 1298, 1296, 1292). I used QExactive with ESI to detect such archaeal membrane lipids which were ionized by Na, NH4 and H. I want to try to use Skyline to integrate these compounds and calculate the peak area. But I am not sure if the peak algorithm used in Skyline is suitable for these large molecules. Is there anyway to calculate the signal to noise ratio (S/N) in Skyline? What method is used in Skyline for S/N?
jeckels responded:  2018-01-08 15:50
Hi Fuyan,

Thanks for your interest! I suggest you post this directly on the Skyline support forum:

where there will be a larger audience who can chime in. This forum is a good place if you decide to adopt Skyline and want to use Panorama to manage all of your Skyline data, or to run QC/system suitability processing.