Luminex module SISTM  2018-03-07 04:52
Status: Closed

I'm trying the luminex tutorial on a DOCKER instance.
I started this tutorial :

Trying the tutorial with 02-14A22-IgA-Biotin.xls worked like a charm, but I got issues trying to import another file after the first import.
I have no error during new import (ex : 04-17A32-IgA-Biotin.xls), but in the Luminex Assay 100 Runs table, if I click 04-17A32-IgA-Biotin.xls to see the imported data for the run, the data grid is empty.

To summarize, first import is OK, but the data grid is empty for the following imports (without any error message).

LABKEY Version : 17.3   
Release Date : 2018-01-30
Build Number : 56184.53

Please help, thanks.
SISTM responded:  2018-03-08 06:18
Sounds like it's an issue with PERMISSION.

I can visualize the data grid as a GUEST user or a normal USER, but data grid become empty if I'am logged as an Administrator.
Strange behaviour as I did the tutorial as an Administrator and not as a USER.

Jon (LabKey DevOps) responded:  2018-03-09 13:40
Hi Fabien,

It could be a permissions issue. But it could also be a default grid view you've setup for your Admin user that is filtering out something that is invalid. I'm suspecting it is probably the filter.

If you click on the Grid button > Customize View, you should see whether the view you're on has any kind of filtering. If it does, click the Revert button and that should get you back to normal.

If it is a permissions problem, you can click on the Gear Icon > Folder > Permissions and see whether your Admin user is assigned any permission in the folder. If you are a Site Admin and you see your user listed in the permissions there, feel free to remove it since Site Admins already have access to everything anyway.