Latest LabKey has a NullPointerException on docker

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Latest LabKey has a NullPointerException on docker scchess  2018-03-23 00:00
Status: Closed is a docker image for LabKey.

I have downloaded the latest LabKey, Java and Tomcat for the Labkey docker. "java' is accessible in the docker (otherwise TomCat would not have even started). I started the docker like in the first attachment.

The server started. But LabKey had a NullPointerException (see attachment S2).

Why did LabKey passed a NULL to a function that expected a non-null object?

I'm running the latest Java 10 on the docker. Is Java 10 too new for LabKey? Please note the original docker used Java 1.7. Looking at the source code

It looks like "JavaVersion.JAVA_1_8" is a null object?

adam responded:  2018-03-23 07:14

At the moment, LabKey requires Java 8. Please review our Supported Technologies page. We're working on adding support for the newest Java releases, but some of the libraries that LabKey uses haven't been updated to support Java 9/10. In addition to installing Java 8, you may want to upgrade to more recent PostgreSQL and Tomcat versions.

Regardless of Java version, that NPE seems suspicious. JavaVersion.JAVA_1_8 shouldn't be null... do you have an old version of Common-Lang-3 (before 3.3.2 when that enum value was added) on the classpath?