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paid vs Community version WayneH  2018-07-24 12:04
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Hi support team...

Just had to reach out regarding this question of differences in functionality in paid vs free version (would be a great bit of info to put on the website perhaps).

I reached out to Bernie but didn't get a response. I include a copy of the email here but basically it relates to concerns here about not necessarily much making use of the 'paid' modules(for now anyway) and particularly our middleware team wanting us to run the latest version of the tool..

Can you provide some information on this or direct me to a resource discussing this detail..? It will certainly help this discussion that periodically arises.



Bernie responded:  2018-07-24 12:19

Hi Wayne,

I responded on 7/23 via email. I will forward it again. Please review and see if there is additional information you need.


WayneH responded:  2018-07-25 09:04

Hi Bernie,

Thanks for your response.. Don't think I got the emails .. Just to confirm my email is ********
Perhaps attaching here will suffice..

Jon (LabKey DevOps) responded:  2018-07-27 10:27
Closing. Message was received.

Differences between free (i.e. Community) builds and paid (i.e. Premium) versions can also be found on our comparison site:

And on our What's New, Release Notes, and upcoming Feature Changes pages: