Create embedded chart for 18.2

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Create embedded chart for 18.2 wdduncan  2018-10-23 15:58
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We recently upgraded to version 18.2. Now we can't figure how to create individual participant charts as described here:

The "add chart" button/link has disappeared.

We are running LabKey on Windows 10 server and using Postgres as the backend.

Any help appreciated!


Jon (LabKey DevOps) responded:  2018-11-06 12:05
Hi Bill,

That feature has been temporarily deprecated since it is tied back to the old chart wizard.

However, if you go into the Admin Console and access the Experimental Features, you can re-enable the "Show deprecated Create Chart View menu item" feature that will restore that link.

In the upcoming 18.3 Release that will be out sometime around mid-November, the link will return as normal and it will be mapped to the newer chart wizard as stated in


wdduncan responded:  2018-11-07 10:11
Thanks Jon!