Data Grid Tour

Data Grid Tour
Data correlations are made visible with "scatter plots", which let you see data plotted in two dimensions (or three if you include color coding).

View and Export the Underlying Data

  • Hover over any point for a tooltip showing the details.
  • Click View Data to see all the underlying data.
  • Click View Chart to return to the visualization.
  • Hover over the visualization, then click the (Export to PDF) icon to download the image to your local machine.

Change Color Coding

Note: In this step, you may leave this panel view, so when finished, click 3. Correlate in the upper right to return to this tour.

  • In the scatter plot to the left, click Edit to change the plot. You must be logged in to edit.
  • Click Chart Type, then drag the column Participant Group: Treatment Group to the Color box to replace Cohort.
  • Click Apply to view the plot now color coded in another way.
  • Click 3. Correlate in the header to return to the tour when finished.

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