do I need to be system administrator to insert data?

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do I need to be system administrator to insert data? rqi  2018-03-26 12:44
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I have the right to modify data of the project based on the labkey user setting. I am trying to insert data by ssh to the server. If I am system administrator, I can run the code to insert data. If I am not, I always got exception like: RequestAuthorizationError: '401: User does not have permission to perform this operation'. Do I need to be system administrator? Or there might be other reason? Thanks. Help needed!

Jon (LabKey DevOps) responded:  2018-03-30 11:45

Per our documentation, you need to either be an Author, Editor, or Administrator in order to insert new data rows into any table in general.

If you are trying to run code, such as JavaScript or R within LabKey (via wikis or the R View Builder), the user that isn't an Admin will also need the Developer role enabled for their user as well:

If you are using the LabKey API, such as Python, Perl, R (externally), Java, or accessing the HTTP API endpoints, LabKey uses the same permissions for the user, so the person leveraging the APIs would also need to be an Author, Editor, or Administrator.