The table below shows the individual permissions that make up each role. Roles are listed as columns, individual permissions are listed as rows. A dot indicates that the individual permission is included in the given role.
When you set "Update" as the required permission, you are making the web part visible only to Site Admins, Project Admins, and Editors.

Use this table when deciding the permissions required to view a web part.

PermissionsAdministrators *EditorAuthorReaderMessage Board ContributorShared View EditorSubmitterAssay DesignerSpecimen CoordinatorSpecimen RequesterTroubleshooterSee Email AddressesSee Audit Log Events
Read Some (read resources that you own)       
Edit Shared Views          
Administrate *            
Design Assays           
Design Lists           
Edit Shared Report          
Edit Specimen Data          
Export Folder            
Lock Specimens           
Manage New Request Form           
Manage Notifications           
Manage Request Statuses           
Manage Specimen Actors           
Manage Specimen Display Settings           
Manage Specimen Request and Tracking Settings           
Manage Specimen Request Default Requirements           
Manage Specimen Requests           
Manage Study           
Read-Only Administrator           
Request Specimens          
Participate in Message Board Discussions         
Start New Discussions          
Read Secure Message Board           
Respond on Secure Message Board           
See Email Addresses           
Set Specimen Comments           
Share Participant Groups           
Share Report          
View audit log          
Email Non-Users            

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