The LabKey client libraries provide secure, auditable, programmatic access to LabKey data and services.

The purpose of the client APIs is to let developers and statisticians write scripts or programs in various programming languages to extend and customize LabKey Server. The specifics depend on the exact type of integration you hope to achieve. For example, you might:

  • Analyze and visualize data stored in LabKey in a statistical tool such as R or SAS
  • Perform routine, automated tasks in a programmatic way.
  • Query and manipulate data in a repeatable and consistent way.
  • Enable customized data visualizations or user interfaces for specific tasks that appear as part of the existing LabKey Server user interface.
  • Provide entirely new user interfaces (web-based or otherwise) that run apart from the LabKey web server, but interact with its data and services.
All APIs are executed within a user context with normal security and auditing applied. This means that applications run with the security level of the user who is currently logged in, which will limit what they can do based on permissions settings for the current user.

Currently, LabKey supports working with the following programming languages/environments.

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