Generate Tokens

The data partners distribute enrollment tokens to potential participants.

Permissions required:
  • Currently, the role "Folder Administrator" or higher is required to generate tokens.
  • Beginning with version 20.11 of LabKey Server, users with "Reader" or higher PLUS the new role "MyStudies Coordinator" will be able to generate tokens.

Enrollment tokens are specific to the study container in which they are generated. A mobile app attempting to enroll using a token from a different study will not be successful and will receive an error message from the server.

  • In the panel Enrollment Token Batches click New Batch.
    • Note that if you do not have "MyStudies Coordinator" or admin permission, this action will not succeed.
  • In the Generate Tokens pop up dialog, specify the number of tokens to generate. Base your selection on the number participants you expect to enroll. Options:
    • 100
    • 1,000
    • 10,000
    • Other <enter custom number of tokens>
  • Click Submit.
Once tokens have been generated, the admin can review each batch, see at a glance how many were generated, how many have been used, and open each batch to find available tokens for distribution.