User Registration Server: Set Up

FDA MyStudies Help
This topic describes how to set up and build the APIs required for the FDA MyStudies mobile app Registration Server.

FDA-User Reg WS

This project is developed using the Spring MVC framework in a LabKey development environment. You will find it on github here:

Getting Started

To build this project you need to set up a LabKey development machine. Follow the instructions in this topic:

Next, clone git repositories including UserReg-WS into the /server/modules folder in your enlistment.

Switch to the release 2019.10 branch and git pull.

In your settings.gradle file, find the commented out line with this text: //include ":server:modules:workflow" Underneath this line, add the following two lines. (Note that these might change in the future if folder structure is changed.)

include ":server:modules:UserReg-WS" 
include ":server:modules:UserReg-WS:distributions:Registration"

Generate Local Build

Once the setup is done, build the distribution with this command:

gradlew cleanBuild deployApp

Run and Test

Click the Run (or Debug) icon in your IDE:

Test this URL:

Production Builds

To generate a production build use the below commands:

gradlew deployApp -PdeployMode=prod
gradlew -PdeployMode=prod :server:modules:UserReg-WS:distributions:Registration:distribution

Once the build is completed, you will find the distribution file at this path, where <LABKEY_HOME> is the root of your LabKey enlistment: