LabKey Biologics


LabKey Biologics is designed to enable biopharma and bioprocessing research teams to manage and interlink samples, data, entities, workflows, and electronic laboratory notebooks.

This "data-connected" solution goes beyond traditional LIMS software supporting the specific needs of molecular biologists, protein scientists, analytical chemists, data scientists and other scientific disciplines.

  • Record and document your ongoing work in a data-aware Electronic Lab Notebook.
  • Easily and uniquely register all biological entities individually or in bulk.
  • Track and query the lineage of samples throughout many generations of derivation.
  • Integrate biological entity and sample information with downstream assay data used to evaluate therapeutic properties and provide a holistic view of experiment results.
  • Manage and monitor the execution of laboratory tasks and requests, supporting efficient collaboration across teams.
  • Manage the contents of your freezers using a digital match for your physical storage.
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