This topic shows how to register a new nucleotide sequence using the graphical user interface. To register using the API, or to bulk import sequences from an Excel spreadsheet, see Use the Registry API.

To add a new nucleotide sequence to the registry:

From the header bar, select Registry > Nucleotide Sequences.

On the Nucleotide Sequences page, click Insert New.

Nucleotide Sequence Wizard

The wizard has two tabs:


  • On the Register a new Nucleotide Sequence page, in the Details panel, enter the following:
    • Description: (Optional) A text description of the sequence.
    • Alias: (Optional) Alternative names for the sequence. Type a name, click enter when complete. Continue to add more as needed.
    • Nucleotide Sequence Parents: (Optional) Parent components. A related sequence the new sequence is derived from, for example, related as a mutation. You can select more than one parent. Start typing to narrow the pulldown menu of options.
    • Sequence: (Required) The nucleotide sequence
    • Annotations: (Optional) A comma separated list of annotation information:
      • Name - a freeform name
      • Category - region or feature
      • Type - for example, Leader, Variable, Tag, etc.
      • Start and End Positions are 1-based offsets within the sequence.
      • Description
      • Complement
  • Click Next.


  • To register the nucleotide and register the corresponding protein, click Finish and translate protein. This option will take you to the registry wizard for a new protein, prepopulating it with the protein sequence based on the nucleotide.
  • To register the nucleotide and finish, click Finish.

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