The home page of the Sample Manager application offers a summary dashboard for getting a quick overview of your project. Return to this dashboard at any time by clicking the LabKey Sample Manager logo in the upper left corner of the page.

Note that on narrower screens, the panels of the dashboard will be stacked vertically in the following order instead of being arranged as shown above.


At a glance, see the jobs and tasks assigned to you in Your Queue. A second tab will show you other Active Jobs. Learn more about jobs and workflow in this section:

Dashboard Insights

See the current status of the system, with several display options. By default, you see the total count of samples of each Sample Type, shaded by the label color you assign.

Select from the leftmost dropdown to show:

The next menu lets you control the timeframe over which the count of samples or assays is determined (it is not available for the sample status chart). Options:

  • All
  • In the Last Year
  • In the Last Month
  • In the Last Week
  • Today
Use the < and > buttons to step back and forth through the timeframe options.

Learn more about samples in this section:

Recent Assay Data

See the recently uploaded assay data. By default you will see runs from all assays, but you can use the dropdown menu to select any assay defined in the system and see those recent runs. Learn more about assays in this topic:

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