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This topic covers the process of marking tasks and jobs as completed. It is important to note that there is no checking that the work specified in the tasks in question was actually completed in the lab; these tools offer a tracking mechanism for humans completing their work.

Open a job by clicking the job name. Find it:

  • On the Jobs panel on the home dashboard under Your Queue if it is assigned to you. You can filter by priority to find the most pressing work.
  • If the job or current task is not assigned to you, you can click the Active Jobs tab on the home page.
  • Use the main menu from anywhere in the application. Click Jobs List under Workflow for the grid of all jobs.


Overview Tab

On the Overview tab, you will see the job details, assignments, and list of tasks with status of each task. Status values include:

  • In Progress: the current/active task to be completed
  • Pending: future tasks that need to wait for the 'in progress' task
  • Complete: completed tasks.

Learn about editing job details in this topic: Edit Jobs and Tasks

Tasks Tab

Switch to the Tasks tab to see a more detailed view of job progress. Each task is listed on the left, with details of the selected task on the right.

Completed tasks show a green check. Tasks that involve assays include links to View Data | Import Run.

Switch among tasks by clicking the task name on the left.


On the Tasks tab, you can enter Comments to accompany any task, including the ones marked completed. Click Start a thread to add a new comment.

Add your own comments or notes about the step in the box.

  • You can use markdown formatting, with the help of buttons for bold, italic, link, list, and numbered list formatting.
  • Switch the Markdown mode dropdown to Preview to see the formatted result.
  • Click the to attach files to comments.
  • Click Add Comment to save.
Once a task has one or more comments, you can reply to existing comments or start another new thread.

Email notifications will be sent when comments are added to tasks. The email will include a link to the task itself.

Complete Task

If the 'In Progress' task is assigned to you, and you have performed the actual work described, you can click Complete Current Task on the Overview tab (or Complete Task on the Tasks tab) to mark it completed. The task status changes to Complete and the next task on the list is now In Progress.

If the 'In Progress' task is not assigned to you, the button for completing the task will be inactive so that you cannot inadvertently complete others' tasks. Administrators are exempted from this restriction and can both mark any task as completed and reassign tasks as needed.

Complete Tasks with Samples

When your task involves samples, you can access and review them on the Samples tab. Samples of all types are shown on a shared All Samples tab, with common properties like storage information and status. The samples of an individual type are available on additional tabs ("Plasma" and "Serum" shown here), with the properties specific to that type.

Actions available on the tabbed sample grid:

  • Add Samples
  • Remove Samples
  • More: Other menus vary based on whether you are viewing all samples or samples of only one type. Learn more about the options in this topic:
  • Data Grid Basics

Complete Tasks involving Assay Import

On the Tasks tab, select the task that involves an assay. Under Assays, you'll see a pair of links for each assay involved in this task.

  • View Data: Once there has been data uploaded for this assay in this task, this link will take you to the filtered run.
  • Import Run: Open the importer for the requested assay.
    • If there are samples assigned to the job, by default you will see the Enter Data into Grid option, with rows prepopulated for the samples assigned, making it easy to manually enter values.
    • You can also use bulk insert, update, and Import Data from File methods if desired.
Once the import is complete, you can click here in the green banner to return to the workflow job you came from.

Reassign Task

From the Tasks view, users with sufficient permissions can reassign tasks that have not been completed by changing the Task Owner. Use the dropdown to select the new task owner.

Reopen Task

If you find you have closed a task by mistake, you can reopen it using the Reactivate Task button.

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