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This topic covers options available for administrators to manage jobs and templates. You will find the active lists of jobs and templates and manage options in the Workflow section.

Administrators and users with the Workflow Editor role can create and edit workflow jobs and tasks. Only administrators can create job templates.

Manage Jobs

From the home dashboard, click Workflow Home or from anywhere in the application, select from the main menu:

  • Workflow: Open the dashboard on "Your Queue".
  • Jobs List: Open the dashboard on "All Jobs"

The All Jobs tab shows the full list of jobs. Other tabs provide subsets.

Edit Jobs

To open an individual job for editing, click the Job Name. Details of editing jobs and tasks are covered in this topic:

Delete Jobs

To delete one or more jobs, use the checkboxes on the Job List to select jobs for deletion, then click Delete.

You can also delete a single job by opening it and selecting Delete Job from the menu next to the name.

Manage Templates

Templates are managed by clicking Templates in the Workflow section of the main menu, or by selecting Manage > Job Templates from the workflow dashboard:

Open an individual template by clicking it's Name. The template overview shows a summary of tasks and assays. In the upper left, you can click the Files tab to see files that are part of the template and on the Jobs tab you'll see a listing of jobs created from this template.

Edit Template

To edit a template, open it as shown above and select Manage > Edit Job Template.

You can edit the Name and Description, and add (or remove) custom fields. You cannot edit the tasks associated with the template.

Editing a template does not change any jobs that have already been created from the previous version of the template.

Delete Templates

To delete a single template, open the details page as shown above and select Manage > Delete Job Template. Once a job has been created from a template, you can no longer delete it and this option will be inactive.

To delete one or more templates, select them on the Workflow > Templates dashboard page using the checkboxes, then click Delete.

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