Managing the contents of your freezers and other storage systems is an essential component of sample management. There are endless ways to organize your sample materials, in a wide variety of systems on the market, both freezers and non-temperature-controlled options. With LabKey Storage Management, create an exact virtual match of your physical storage system, and then track where each sample can be found.
  • Match your digital storage to your physical storage.
  • Represent your exact physical system, with shelves, racks, boxes, canes, bags, etc.
  • For freezers and other temperature controlled units, you can track storage temperatures and freeze/thaw counts for samples.
  • Track overall available storage capacity helping you decide where to store new samples.
  • Answer questions about overall volume of samples by type and source; i.e. is there enough blood from patient X to complete the series of assays I want to run.
  • Find specific samples and know if they are available.
  • Assign samples to storage locations in groups of any size you need, including across multiple locations.
  • Move samples as needed and track each location change, creating a full timeline of any sample.
  • Control access to physical samples using storage-specific roles.


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