This topic describes how to view and audit Storage Activity of samples, including adding and removing samples from storage as well as check-in and check-out actions. Having an efficient way to keep track of where you have been working, or where others might be storing similar materials can help administrators make informed choices about where to store new samples.

Your Activity

From the main menu, click Storage, then click Your recent sample activity.

You can sort, filter, and search the grid to find items of interest.

  • Click a Sample Id to see the details for a sample.
  • Click a storage Status ("In" or "Out") to jump directly to the Storage View of the location for that sample, whether it is currently checked in or out.
    • Note that the Status column is always updated to the current storage status of the sample, not the status at the time of the activity in this grid. For example, samples that were "discarded from storage" could still have the current status of "In" if they were re-added to storage later, perhaps in a different location.
You'll also see a subset of your most recent storage activity on the main Storage dashboard.

Stored Items

From the Storage dashboard, click the message View #### total samples in storage in the Sample Activity panel. Here you'll see a grid of all items in storage throughout the system. You can view all samples at once, or use the tabs for each sample type to access sample grid menus for samples of that type.

Scroll to see additional columns, including information about who completed the various storage activities listed.

You can also reach this page from Your recent sample activity by clicking the Stored Items tab.

Sample Timeline: Storage Activity

Like other events that happen for an individual sample, storage events will be included on the Sample Timeline, including adding samples to storage, checking in and out, updating storage data, moving the storage unit that contains the sample, and discarding from storage.

In the case of moving a storage unit from one location to another, the event details for all samples contained in that storage unit will give you a full 'breadcrumb' path to both the old and new locations of the individual sample.

Audit Log: Storage Management Events

Storage management events are logged in the application's Audit Log. From the details pages for a storage system, select Manage > View Audit History to open the audit log filtered to that specific storage system.

Scroll for more columns, and as with other grids, you can create custom named views for the audit tables.

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