Once one or more storage systems have been configured in your system, you will see them in the Storage List on the main dashboard. View the overall Storage Management dashboard from the Storage option on the main menu. Note that some storage management and sample actions require the user to have the Storage Editor and/or Storage Designer roles. This topic assumes the user has both.

From this Storage Dashboard, you can see an overview and manage your sample storage.

Sample Activity

The Sample Activity panel shows summary information about all samples in storage. Clickable links give you access to :

  • View ### total samples in storage: open a filterable grid of all stored samples. Learn more here: View Storage Activity
  • Click a Date to open the grid of samples added to storage by any user on that date.
You can also click to see Your recent sample activity. Learn more here: View Storage Activity.

Storage Overview

The Storage Overview panel includes a graphical, color-coded representation of the current storage of samples in storage. The color you assign to each Sample Type is used to represent those samples in a variety of charts.

Use the dropdown to select one:

  • Samples Stored By Sample Type: A bar chart with the total count of each sample in all storage shown.
  • Samples Checked Out By Sample Type: A bar chart representing the types of samples currently checked out to all users.
  • Samples Checked Out By User: A bar chart showing the total samples checked out to each user, regardless of Sample Type. Color coding is not used on this chart to represent Sample Type, but if you click the bar for a user, you will see a grid of the samples that user has checked out.
Within any chart, if you hover over a colored segment, you will see a tooltip with the count and type of sample it represents. Click any bar segment to see a grid of data for the samples it represents.

Storage List

The Storage List offers administrators two action buttons, above the list of storage systems:

  • Manage Storage Units: Define the "terminal" storage units in which samples are stored. Boxes, bags, canes, plates, and tube racks can be of different sizes, storage layouts, and labelling conventions.
  • Create Storage: Add another storage system.
All users can hover over the Legend for a guide to the colors for each sample type.

In the section for each storage you have defined, the panel includes:

  • On the left:
    • Name: Click the name to open the details for this storage.
    • Above the name, you'll see this storage system's location, if any has been defined.
    • If set, the Status will be displayed in a colored block.
    • Below the name, the label (description) may also give more identifying information to users.
    • Configured set-point temperature (for temperature-controlled storage).
  • On the right:
    • Color coded bars represent the number of samples currently stored in that storage, scaled to give a visual indication of overall capacity free.
    • The capacity of the storage system is below the bars. You'll see the number of samples stored, the total number of spaces, and the percent of spaces available.
  • Click anywhere in the tile to go to that storage overview page.

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