Events that happen to individual samples are available on the Sample Timeline. You can view them in a graphical format which records the full history for an individual sample in your system.

The sample timeline can play an important role in tracking chain of custody for samples and complying with good laboratory practices. A sample timeline can help you answer questions like:

  • Where is my sample located right now?
  • Who has it now and when did they take possession of it?
  • What has been done to my sample before I received it?
While the main audit log tracks all events occuring in the system, the sample timeline is useful for isolating events of different types happening to a single sample.

View Sample Timeline

To see the sample timeline, click the name of the sample in any grid where it is listed. You can find it on the grid for the Sample Type, access it from any assay data uploaded for it, or find it listed for a workflow job.

Click the Timeline tab along the top row. You will see all events for that specific sample.

Shown here, a sample was created (registered), assay data was loaded for it, and then it was updated (the details show a source for the sample was added). Finally it was added to the "Second Tutorial Job".

Current Status

The Current Status section in the upper right lists where the sample is now, who was the last to handle it (and when) and other details.

Event Details

Click any event on the timeline to see the Event Details in a panel on the lower right. For example, when the event is "Sample was updated," the details section will say when, by whom, and in what way was it updated. Shown above, a source "Creature" was added for this sample.

Listing Order

By default, the timeline will Show Oldest first. Use the dropdown at the top to switch to Recent first instead.

Export Timeline

Click the (Export) button to download the timeline as an Excel file. The exported file will include the date, event type, name of event, user, new event details, as well as 'old event' details in the case of modifications.

Filter Timeline

When the list of timeline events is long, it can be helpful to filter for events of interest. Click Show filters above the listing to open the filters panel (the link will now read "Hide filters").

Use checkboxes to filter events to show only Sample, Assay, or Job events. Use the dropdown to filter by user, and date selectors to give a range of dates of interest. Click Apply to apply filters and Clear to clear existing ones.

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