LabKey Sample Manager makes it easy to manage samples, storage, data collection, and workflows in a small or medium size lab environment. Learn more about the features and capabilities of Sample Manager on our website.

This topic details changes and enhancements in each release as a guide to help users track changes.

Release 22.1, January 2022 (Coming soon)

  • A new Text Choice data type lets admins define a set of expected text values for a field. (docs)
  • Naming patterns will be validated during sample type definition.
  • User-defined barcodes included in sample definitions and sample search-by-barcode results
  • Editable grids include visual indication when a field offers dropdown choices.
  • Bulk freezer configuration

Release 21.12, December 2021

  • The "Sample Count by Status" graph on the main dashboard now shows samples by type (in bars) and status (using color coding). Click through to a grid of the samples represented by each block. (docs)
  • Grids that may display multiple Sample Types, such as picklists, workflow tasks, etc. offer tabs per sample type, plus a consolidated list of all samples. This enables actions such as bulk sample editing from mixed sample-type grids. (picklists | tasks | sources)
  • Improved display of color coded sample status values. (docs)
  • Include a comment when updating storage amounts or freeze/thaw counts. (docs)
  • Workflow tasks involving assays will prepopulate a grid with the samples assigned to the job, simplifying assay data entry. (docs)

Release 21.11, November 2021

  • Archive an assay design so that new data is disallowed, but historic data can be viewed. (docs)
  • Manage sample status, including but not limited to: available, consumed, locked. (docs)
    • An additional reserved field "SampleState" has been added to support this feature. If your existing Sample Types use user defined fields for recording sample status, you will want to migrate to using the new method.
  • Incorporate lineage lookups into sample naming patterns (docs)
  • Assign a prefix to be included in the names of all Samples and Sources created in a given project (docs)
  • Prevent users from creating their own IDs/Names in order to maintain consistency using defined naming patterns (docs)

Release 21.10, October 2021

  • Customize the aliquot naming pattern. (docs)
  • Record the physical location of freezers you manage, making it easier to find samples across distributed sites. (docs)
  • Manage all samples and aliquots created from a source more easily. (docs)
  • Comments on workflow job tasks can be formatted in markdown and multithreaded. (docs)
  • Redesigned job tasks page. (docs)

Release 21.9, September 2021

Release 21.8, August 2021

Release 21.7, July 2021

Release 21.6, June 2021

Release 21.5, May 2021

Release 21.4, April 2021

Release 21.3, March 2021

Release 21.2, February 2021

  • The field editor now includes checkboxes to enable deletion of multiple fields and export of subsets of fields.
  • Background Import:
    • Removal of previous size limits on data import
    • Progress reporting for asynchronous imports
    • In-app Notifications when background imports are complete

Release 21.1, January 2021

  • Freezer Management
    • Match your digital storage to your physical storage
    • Store and locate samples with ease
    • Monitor usage and capacity in graphical dashboards
    • Track volume, freeze/thaw counts, and comments during check in/out events

Release 20.12, December 2020

  • Detailed audit logging now shows only what has changed when data is updated.

Release 20.11, November 2020

Release 20.10, October 2020

  • Integration with BarTender to print labels.

Release 20.9, September 2020

  • A new tutorial is available to help you get started with a new/empty instance of sample manager. Try it here: Tutorial: Learn Sample Manager
  • Label colors are shown in the samples section of the main dashboard.
  • In anticipation of future support for Freezer Management, underlying functionality like the ability to access storage locations from the main menu have been added.

Release 20.8, August 2020

  • Sample Types can have custom Label Color assignments to help users differentiate them. (docs)
  • In anticipation of future support for Freezer Management, underlying functionality like the ability to see the storage location of a sample has been added. These facilities are not yet visible in the application interface.

Release 20.7, July 2020

  • Improved search experience. Filter and refine search results. (docs)

Release 20.6, June 2020

  • Bug fixes and small improvements

Release 20.5, May 2020

  • Use Sample Timelines to track all events involving a given sample.
  • Detailed audit logging has been improved for samples, under the new heading "Sample Timeline Events."
  • Sample Types can be created by inferring fields from a file, or by defining fields manually. Source types offer the same convenience.
  • Editing of sample parents is now available.
  • The definition of Sample Types can now include "Source Alias" columns, similar to parent aliases already available.

Release 20.4, April 2020

  • The creation interface for Sample Types has been merged to a single page showing both properties and fields. This makes it easier to create naming expressions that use fields in your Sample Type.
  • Define Sources for your samples. The source of a sample could be an individual or a cell line or a lab. Tracking metadata about the source of samples, both biological and physical, can unlock new insights.

Release 20.3, March 2020

  • Samples can be added to a workflow job during job creation. You no longer need to start a job after selecting samples of interest, but can add or update the samples directly within the job editing interface.
  • Removing unnecessary fields is easier with an icon shown in the collapsed field view.

February 2020

  • LabKey Sample Manager is Launched!

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