Premium Feature — Available with all Premium Editions of LabKey Server. Learn more or contact LabKey.

LabKey offers several products, all of which may be integrated on a single Premium Edition of LabKey Server. When more than one application is installed on your server, you can use the menu to switch between them. This menu is container specific, so you will only see applications available in the project where you access the menu.

Use the Product Selection Menu

Click the name of the desired application to open a submenu for selecting a specific destination application within it.

LabKey Server

When you select LabKey Server from the menu, you will be able to select among:

  • : LabKey Home project
  • : The current folder
  • All tabs defined in the current folder


When you select the Biologics application from the menu, you will be able to select among the main menu categories for Biologics within the project:

  • Dashboard
  • Registry
  • Sample Types
  • Assays
  • Workflow
  • Media
  • Notebooks

Sample Manager

When you select the Sample Manager application from the menu, you will choose one of the main menu categories for Sample Manager:

  • Dashboard
  • Source Types
  • Sample Types
  • Assays
  • Storage
  • Workflow

Visibility of the Product Selection Menu

Administrators will see an option to manage the visibility of the product selection menu for their users.

Click Menu Settings, then use the radio buttons in the Show Application Selection Menu section. Options:

  • Always
  • Only for Administrators

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