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java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.labkey.api.settings.HeaderProperties: method 'void <init>()' not foundActiveChuz_SA2020-02-27 22:38chetc (LabKey Support)2020-03-06 10:36
LDAP Authentication for Linux - Community VersionActivejoseph mackey2020-02-21 14:36chetc (LabKey Support)2020-03-06 10:55
HTTP Status 404 – Not FoundClosedmarcoferreira2020-01-29 09:40Jon (LabKey DevOps)2020-01-31 14:28
Upgrade path from 16.1Closedtrent2020-01-14 15:51trent2020-01-28 22:15
OpenJDK 12, 13 and LabKey 19.2ClosedKenny2019-09-25 07:49Jon (LabKey DevOps)2019-10-03 11:45
GROUP_CONCAT Banner Message - Remove it?Closedjfvencl2019-09-05 07:49jfvencl2019-09-10 06:11
Unable to open weburlClosedjaiganesh monie2019-08-30 04:14Jon (LabKey DevOps)2019-09-11 21:28
MS SQL 2016 Server regular database maintenance task - description needClosedjfvencl2019-08-29 12:10jfvencl2019-09-05 07:18
Labkey errorClosedsamson jacob2019-08-06 12:50Jon (LabKey DevOps)2019-09-05 14:17
installtion has been completed , need configuration setting help on labkeyClosedjaiganesh monie2019-08-01 07:19Jon (LabKey DevOps)2019-09-09 10:56
Tomcat 404 when trying to open labkey.Closednstafford2019-07-30 10:36nstafford2019-08-01 10:11
Reset labkey credentialsClosedinova monize2019-05-16 12:25Jon (LabKey DevOps)2019-05-30 12:01
SQL Server Windows AuthenticationClosedBob Kinoshita2019-04-23 11:14Jon (LabKey DevOps)2019-04-26 10:53
Upgrade from 18.3 to 19.1 index.html issueClosedscott2019-04-15 09:55Jon (LabKey DevOps)2019-04-29 16:32
LabKey 19.1.1 updatesClosedavital2019-04-11 09:27avital2019-04-11 09:27
error starting childClosedandiespirado2019-04-11 06:18Jon (LabKey DevOps)2019-04-26 10:48
Connecting to an encrypted MS SQL Server 2016 DBCloseded morris2019-04-02 08:15ed morris2019-04-04 10:21
Adding first user causes 500: Unexpected server errorClosedStefan2019-03-25 11:06Jon (LabKey DevOps)2019-03-25 11:33
Configuration Error Detected at LabKey Server StartupClosedandiespirado2019-03-13 05:10Jon (LabKey DevOps)2019-03-27 16:31
A little confused over the folder structure section of the installation doc for LinuxClosedjoesal2019-02-13 11:13joesal2019-02-14 13:12
Captcha ErrorClosedbront@kcr.uky.edu2018-12-03 12:47Jon (LabKey DevOps)2018-12-03 13:27
LabKey Apache unable to start after increasing Tomcat memoryClosedwdduncan2018-11-16 10:25Jon (LabKey DevOps)2018-11-30 13:28
no create project iconClosedpjjester2018-11-02 08:35Jon (LabKey DevOps)2018-11-16 11:57
Tomcat 9 and Installation 404 (SOLVED)ClosedAnt2018-10-24 04:24Ant2018-10-24 04:46
Deploying on Linux server with Tomcat 8.5.35, getting 404 errorClosedgstarbuck2018-09-17 10:22Jon (LabKey DevOps)2018-10-01 14:41
Cannot connect to external DataSource after upgrade to LabKey 18.2Closedeva pujadas2018-07-26 02:03Jon (LabKey DevOps)2018-08-23 13:39
Configuration Error Detected at LabKey Server StartupClosedMP2018-05-17 15:02Jon (LabKey DevOps)2018-05-18 15:26
Incorrect warning about Postgres 10.3 not supported by Labkey on Ubuntu 18.04ClosedWill Holtz2018-05-07 01:02adam2018-05-11 09:56
Download for Previous releasesClosedfelix rauscher2018-04-17 22:45Jon (LabKey DevOps)2018-04-20 11:49
LabKey17.3-56184.53-community brokenClosedJoakim Bygdell2018-02-02 01:11Jon (LabKey DevOps)2018-02-16 22:54
How to get current LabKey's running version?Closedrangarita2018-01-10 12:46Jon (LabKey DevOps)2018-01-11 11:24
Missing ant.jar when installing 17.3Closedrangarita2017-12-20 08:17Susan Hert2017-12-20 08:22
Automatic Conversion/Searching Raw FilesClosedparagm@stanford.edu2017-12-13 11:31jeckels2017-12-13 19:38
upgrade problem with ms2-15.30-16.10.sqlClosedtoan nguyen2017-10-26 11:43toan nguyen2017-10-27 11:03
Additional LDAP configurationClosedhwong2017-08-29 15:36Ben Bimber2017-10-24 14:20
Fail to run labkey. [org.apache.catalina.LifecycleException: Failed to start componentClosedthierry2017-08-22 07:11thierry2017-08-24 02:32
how to visualized spectra with version 3.7Closedphilippe leroux2017-06-27 06:53Jon (LabKey DevOps)2017-06-27 13:34
Error - A failure occurred during LabKey Server startup.Closedtvaisar@u.washington.edu2017-06-14 11:21Jon (LabKey DevOps)2017-06-14 14:00
Data migrationClosedSam2017-04-27 06:34adam2017-04-27 08:05
HTTP 500 Bad SQL Grammar by SqlScriptRunner during module update on LabKey startup RHEL 7.3ClosedJim Collett2017-04-07 17:42Jon (LabKey DevOps)2017-04-11 10:46
Labkey Server Service stopped, can't able to start againClosedatul sharma2017-03-29 05:07atul sharma2017-04-02 04:22
"Inactive" date ?ClosedNat2017-03-28 13:42adam2017-03-28 15:08
Bulk email controls (SMTP)in LabKeyClosedNat2017-03-10 11:49Jon (LabKey DevOps)2017-03-16 18:17
Example Workflow: LabKey and IlluminaClosedhilariagrieve2017-03-09 06:32Jon (LabKey DevOps)2017-03-09 11:16
Telling Labkey to check a specific row (i.e. not the first row) for data headersClosedsimon buckner2017-02-21 11:40Jon (LabKey DevOps)2017-02-22 11:38
2 LabKeys sharing file storage?Closedfcf2017-02-21 10:09Ben Bimber2017-02-21 17:02
Upgrade Issue from LabKey 16.2 to 16.3Closedhilariagrieve2017-02-13 14:46Jon (LabKey DevOps)2017-02-13 15:08
Text character limit for assy fieldsClosedjmikk2017-01-31 12:13jmikk2017-02-01 07:38
New install, Home page editable when not signed in.Closedrick.watts@ualberta.ca2017-01-11 15:59Jon (LabKey DevOps)2017-01-11 20:44
How to configure LabKey server (linux) to run R scripts remotely on another server (linux)ClosedJason Leadley2017-01-10 07:19pierre rathier2017-01-12 00:43
Minimum permissions for Tomcat's conf directoryClosedjmikk2016-12-21 10:23jmikk2017-01-04 07:14
Support for Tomcat 8.5.xClosedadam2016-12-20 11:33adam2016-12-20 11:33
Error when trying to upgrade LabKey from 16.2 to 16.3Closedeva pujadas2016-12-20 02:06eva pujadas2017-01-10 07:33
First-time Setup redirects me to home, unable to complete administration set up, cannot log inClosedjmikk2016-11-24 11:55Jon (LabKey DevOps)2016-11-29 11:04
A database connection is in an unexpected state.ClosedRomina2016-11-08 07:13Jon (LabKey DevOps)2016-11-08 22:17
Module has already been set - errorClosedJason Feingold2016-09-20 17:27adam2017-03-23 17:22
Upgrade version 15.2 to 16.1 (16.2)Closedinfo@adataa.com2016-09-06 23:51Jon (LabKey DevOps)2016-12-19 14:46
Installing TPP on LabKey 16.2 Community EditionClosedmainbp@evms.edu2016-08-31 09:01Jon (LabKey DevOps)2016-09-01 15:48
Labkey 16 trying to run upgrade script from 14.1Closedabello2016-08-24 13:25Jon (LabKey DevOps)2016-08-24 14:00
How to make your own personalized installation package?Closedwit2wit2016-08-13 03:00Jon (LabKey DevOps)2016-08-15 22:43
LabKey in the cloud on a VM on AzureClosedlucasbran2016-08-04 14:08Jon (LabKey DevOps)2016-08-04 15:35
apache proxy and login-setPassword URLClosedshieldsr2016-07-21 10:03shieldsr2016-07-22 03:29
Support for SQL Server 2016Closedadam robinson2016-07-19 16:28adam2016-07-19 17:45
500: CONFIGURATION ERRORClosedhilariagrieve2016-04-20 10:57Jon (LabKey DevOps)2016-04-21 09:44
Error during configurationClosedandrej studen2016-04-05 04:03Jon (LabKey DevOps)2016-04-07 11:57
Upgrade from 15.x to 16.1 Script formatting...Closeddiego2016-03-23 09:16diego2016-03-23 12:48
Windows Dev Env SetupClosedbalter2016-03-16 09:15Jon (LabKey DevOps)2016-03-17 15:21
Single Sign-On at the Project level or multipls CAS serversClosedlouie ona2016-03-15 11:21Matthew Bellew2016-03-15 11:45
time chartsClosedLind-Thomsen2016-03-07 03:26Lind-Thomsen2016-03-10 23:22
Histogram as Quick ChartClosedLind-Thomsen2016-03-02 06:10adam2016-03-02 08:07
LabKey Running R and Virtual Frame Buffer Server Config...Closeddiego2016-02-25 14:35Jon (LabKey DevOps)2016-03-02 13:01
LabKey Sample Study Installation Missing options...Closeddiego2016-02-12 10:53Jon (LabKey DevOps)2016-02-17 13:36
LabKey Server Not Starting on Tomcat Intiation...Closeddiego2016-02-10 14:48diego2016-02-12 10:16
Tomcat/WebDav bug fixed on LabKey 15.3 r42135.48ClosedJon (LabKey DevOps)2016-02-01 16:12Jon (LabKey DevOps)2016-02-01 16:12
problem upgrading 15.2 to 15.3Closedpablo escobarlopez2016-01-27 09:13Jon (LabKey DevOps)2016-02-05 18:59
Installation - NullPointerExceptionClosedinformaticsforlife2016-01-21 14:26informaticsforlife2016-02-02 11:30
HTTP Status 500 - Internal Server ErrorClosedgreener@u.washington.edu2016-01-20 21:56Jon (LabKey DevOps)2016-02-01 16:39
ETLsClosedLind-Thomsen2016-01-05 05:22Lind-Thomsen2016-01-05 22:33
Streamlined Server Upgrade/Startup Process in 16.1Closedadam2016-01-04 13:37adam2016-01-04 13:37
Problem with import of Labkey data into SASClosedLind-Thomsen2015-12-21 05:09adam2016-02-05 15:40
Using custom perl/python/R script in LabKey only when importing files?Closedmartin lague2015-11-26 12:44martin lague2015-12-02 07:19
auto-commit keeps LabKey 15.3 from startingClosedbill c white2015-11-25 19:26bill c white2015-11-30 18:33
Upgrade to 15.3 failed.Closedrick.watts@ualberta.ca2015-11-23 17:18rick.watts@ualberta.ca2015-11-25 16:15
Failed to start labkey (first time) with exception, "java.lang.NullPointerException"Closedcameron macpherson2015-11-19 08:54cameron macpherson2015-11-20 05:43
Mutant vs Control protein expression ratiosClosedoo2542015-11-18 15:20jeckels2015-11-21 17:33
Change User PropertiesClosedLind-Thomsen2015-11-09 05:02Lind-Thomsen2015-11-10 23:11
Login securityClosedLind-Thomsen2015-11-09 04:44Matthew Bellew2015-11-09 11:30
"A sequence database must be selected" error in search MS2 Data pageClosedoo2542015-11-07 04:01jeckels2015-11-09 09:24
LabKey as primary credentials to authenticate to third party applicationClosedsfuertez2015-11-04 18:38sfuertez2015-11-05 10:05
cannot start Labkey Server on LinuxClosedytm42015-10-29 10:47Jon (LabKey DevOps)2015-10-30 11:46
Skipping multiple question in surveysClosedpatrickbkeating12015-10-28 14:46patrickbkeating12015-10-29 16:59
Remote pipeline debuggingClosedmartin lague2015-10-26 08:22martin lague2015-10-29 10:05
Error receivedClosedLind-Thomsen2015-10-09 15:36Jon (LabKey DevOps)2015-10-09 15:39
SQLServer 2008R2 deprecation warningClosedjeckels2015-10-08 11:12jeckels2015-10-08 11:12
failed upload of ProtProphet dataClosedtvaisar@u.washington.edu2015-10-01 05:47Jon (LabKey DevOps)2015-10-05 10:41
Manual installation, CentOS 6.5, Postresql. Failed to start upClosedyuw2015-09-25 19:34yuw2015-09-28 11:38
MS SQL Server setupClosedLind-Thomsen2015-09-24 01:43adam2015-09-26 09:26
Import data from external schemasClosedLind-Thomsen2015-09-17 07:11Jon (LabKey DevOps)2015-09-17 13:03
Stopping Uniprot TrEMBL annotation uploadClosedtvaisar@u.washington.edu2015-09-16 13:03jeckels2015-09-16 13:59
MS SQL Server problemClosedLind-Thomsen2015-09-16 05:10Lind-Thomsen2015-09-21 00:34