The LabKey User Conference and Workshop was held on October 23 and 24, 2014 at the Hotel Andra in Seattle, WA. This topic provides direct access to some of the resources and features covered during the presentations.

LabKey User Conference

Using Existing LabKey Modules to Build a Platform for Immunotherapy Trials
=== Hannah Smithers, Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research

Management and Integration of Diverse Data Types in Type 1 Diabetes Research
=== John Rue, Novo Nordisk
The Collaborative Dataspace Program: An Integrated Approach to HIV Vaccine Data Exploration
=== Drienna Holman, SCHARP
Using Web Technologies to Improve Data Quality
=== Amy Tsay, Rho
Enabling Integrative Modeling of Human Immunological Data with Immunespace
=== Raphael Gottardo, Fred Hutch
Progress Report on the Hutch Integrated Data Repository and Archive
=== Eric Holland and Paul Fearn, Fred Hutch

LabKey User Workshop

The Adventures of Biocat and Knockout Mouse: ITN TrialShare's Automated Specimen and Dataset Loading Application for LabKey
=== Dennis Wightman, ITN

Complex Animal Studies
=== Tom Hudson, WNPRC
Integrating FCS Express and LabKey Server for Flow and Image Cytometry Data Management
=== Kaya Ghosh, De Novo Software

End-User Feedback and Testing
=== Daniel Nicolalde, WNPRC


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