Create and manage datasets and their schemas via the Manage Datasets option on the Manage tab of a study.

Study Schedule

View the study schedule and associated datasets. See Study Schedule.

Change Display Order

Datasets can be displayed in any order. To change their order, select a dataset and press the Move Up or Move Down buttons. Click Save.

The Reset Order button will automatically order datasets by category, and then by their ID within each category. Once confirmed, the reset order action cannot be undone.

Change Properties

Edit the label, category, cohort, status, and visibility of multiple datasets from one screen using this link. To edit additional properties for individual datasets, click the dataset name instead. See Edit Dataset Properties.

Delete Multiple Datasets

An administrator can select multiple datasets at once for deletion. After deleting datasets, it is advisable to recalculate visits/dates, in order to clear any empty visit and participant references that may remain in the study.

Manage Dataset Security

Security can be configured at a per-dataset level. See also: Security and Manage Study Security (Dataset-Level Security).

Create New Dataset

You can add new datasets to the study at any time. See also Create a Dataset by Defining Fields.

Date/Time/Number Formatting

The default date-time and number formats for the study are shown and can be changed by clicking the Folder Settings Page link. You can choose the default formats for all datasets together or customize formats for individual dataset fields. See Date & Number Display Formats.

For details on valid format strings for dates, times and numbers, see Date and Number Formats Reference.

Datasets Web Part

If you would like to display a simple directory of datasets by category, add a Datasets web part. Enter > Page Admin Mode, then select Datasets from the Select Web Part pulldown in the lower left. Click Add. Click Exit Admin Mode when finished.

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