The Panorama Partners Program is a premium offering for users of Panorama, the LabKey-based repository for targeted proteomics.

Panorama Partners Program Benefits

The Panorama Partners Program is designed to help members make the most of Panorama and provides a unique opportunity for members to guide development. Members engage directly with developers at regularly scheduled conference calls. Developers will present recent changes and improvements related to Panorama, and provide input on how to best use Panorama based on the organization's needs. Members are invited to provide input on how Panorama might be improved and suggest changes for future development.

LabKey Server Starter Edition

Membership also includes a LabKey Server Starter Edition subscription, including full support and training for installation, maintenance, configuration, and general usage of LabKey Server, plus access to premium features.

In addition to premium functionality included with the Starter Edition of LabKey Server, beginning with release 19.2.0, Panorama Partners Program members receive additional Panorama-specific premium features:

To inquire about membership in the Panorama Partners Program, please contact LabKey.

Documentation: Panorama - Targeted Mass Spectrometry

Screenshot: Part of the quality control workflow from the Panorama module.


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