The keywords.jar file attached to this page is a simple commandline tool to dump the keywords from a set of FCS files. Used together with findstr or grep this can be used to search a directory of fcs files.

    java -jar keywords.jar *.fcs

This will show you all the 'interesting' keywords from all the files in the current directory (most of the $ keywords are hidden).

    java -jar keywords.jar -k "EXPERIMENT ID,Stim,$Tot" *.fcs

will show the EXPERIMENT ID, Stim, and $Tot keywords for each fcs file.  You may need to escape the '$' on unix command line shells.  For tabular output suitable for import into excel or other tools, use the "-t" switch:

    java -jar keywords.jar -t -k "EXPERIMENT ID,Stim,$Tot" *.fcs

To see a list of all options:

    java -jar keywords.jar --help

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