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Field Editor

  • Improved behavior when inferring fields that match system/reserved fields. (docs)
  • Assign PHI levels to fields in DataClasses.


  • Terminology Change - 'Copy to Study' has been changed to 'Link to Study', to better reflect the relationship between assay data and study folders. (docs)


  • Barcode generation for Samples with "UniqueID" field. (docs)
  • Support for Linking Samples to Study (docs)

Distribution Changes

  • Support for PostgreSQL 9.5.x has been removed. Before upgrading, PostgreSQL must be upgraded to a supported version.
  • Specialty Assays have been removed from the Community Edition. Users will need to subscribe to a Premium Edition to use ELISA, ELISpot, NAb, Luminex, and other specialized assays. The Community Edition will continue to support the customizable Standard Assay. (docs)

Premium Resources

Sample Manager

  • Attachment field type available in Sample Types. File field type available in Sources
  • Generate Barcodes with "UniqueID" field type - Generates values when samples are added to a Sample Type or when the barcode field is added to an existing sample type. ({lnk:docs|/SampleManagerHelp/wiki-page.view?name=uniqueStorageIds})
  • When inferring fields to create Sources, Sample Types, and Assay Designs, any "reserved" fields present will not be shown in the inferral, simplifying the creation process. (docs)
  • On the main menu, "My Assigned Work" has been renamed "{My Queue|/SampleManagerHelp/wiki-page.view?name=manageQueue#queue}"


  • Generate Barcodes for Samples with "UniqueID" field type (docs)
  • Options to create samples from more places in the application (docs)
  • Create pooled samples and/or derive new samples from one or more parents (docs)
  • Integrated workflow with templates and personalized queues of jobs and tasks
  • Specialty Assays can now be defined and integrated, in addition to Standard Assays (docs)
  • Creation of Raw Materials in the application uses a consistent interface with other sample type creation (docs)
  • When inferring fields to define data structures, the "reserved" fields will not be shown, but are always created (docs)

The symbol indicates a feature available in a Premium Edition of LabKey Server.


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