This topic is under construction for the 23.7 (July 2023) release of LabKey Server.

Here are the full release notes for version 23.7 (July 2023).

LabKey Server


  • Sample types have additional default system fields including storage and aliquot information. (docs)
  • Provide storage amounts and units during the addition of new samples to the system. (docs)


  • Administrators can configure the retention time for audit log events. (docs)
  • Integration with Oracle databases has been greatly improved with extensive testing on more recent versions (e.g., Oracle 19c and 23c), and support for more data types and features. (docs)
  • LDAP User/Group Synchronization now works with a larger number of LDAP server implementations, adding support for OpenLDAP, Apache Directory Server, and others. (docs)

Distribution Changes and Upgrade Notes

  • RStudio is changing its name to Posit. The LabKey interface will be updated to reflect this rebranding and any necessary changes. (learn more)
Note: All users are encouraged to upgrade regularly to the current release in order to take advantage of all improvements and fixes. Our hotfix support policy is to only provide fixes to the current major release and current monthly release for Sample Manager and Biologics LIMS clients. Contact your Account Manager if you have questions. (docs)

Potential Backwards Compatibility Issues

  • Changes to the exp.materials and inventory tables will add additional reserved fields and ensure future development in important areas.
    • Users who have coincidentally using field names that become "reserved" for system purposes may need to make changes prior to upgrading. These are not commonly used names, so issues are unlikely to impact many users.
    • The inventory.item.volume field was migrated to exp.materials.StoredAmount
    • The inventory.item.volumeUnits field was migrated to exp.material.Units
    • The inventory.item.initialVolume field was removed. Note that if you have been using a custom field by this name, any of its data will be deleted. Rename any such custom fields prior to upgrading.

Sample Manager

The Sample Manager Release Notes list features by monthly version.


The Biologics release notes list features by monthly version.

Client APIs and Development Notes

The symbol indicates a feature available in a Premium Edition of LabKey Server, Sample Manager, or Biologics LIMS.

Previous Release Notes: Version 23.3


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