Plotting standard curves for several runs together helps visualize any inconsistencies in data and curve fits between runs. The resulting overlay plot is sometimes called a curve "graveyard."

Here, we generate an overlay plot for the 4pl standard titration curves for the same data used in the previous steps (Step 5: Track Analyte Quality Over Time and Step 6: Use Guide Sets for QC).


If you navigated away after the last tutorial step, return to the Levey-Jennings plot for the ENV2 standard

  • Select (Admin) > Manage Assays in the Luminex folder.
  • Click Luminex Assay 200.
  • Select View QC Report > view levey-jennings reports.
  • Click Standard1.
  • In the Choose Graph Parameters box, select Antigen "ENV2", Isotype "IgA", Conjugate "Biotin" and click Apply.

Next, create the overlay plot:

  • Scroll down to the Standard1 Tracking Data for ENV2 - IgA Biotin table.
  • Select all rows. (Click the box at the top of the left hand column.)
  • Click View 4pl Curves to generate the overlay plot.

Using the buttons in the Curve Comparison popup, you can:

  • Export to PDF - Export the overlay plot. The exported pdf includes both FI and log(FI) versions. View a sample here.
  • View Log Y-Axis - Switch between a logarithmic and linear Y-axis. The button will read View Linear Y-Axis when viewing the log(FI) version.
  • Close the plot when finished.
Congratulations! You have completed the Luminex Tutorial Level II.

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