LabKey Server Editions

LabKey offers multiple Editions of LabKey Server and a suite of Add-Ons to best meet different levels of need for support and functionality. See LabKey Server Editions for details or contact LabKey to discuss.

Click the tabs below to see the functionality included in the LabKey Server Premium Editions.

CommunityProfessionalProfessional PlusEnterprise
GeneralSource Code & Installers
Access to associated source code and installers. Learn More
Extended look-and-feel customization. Learn More
SecurityTwo-Factor Authentication
Provide an additional security layer which requires users to perform a second authentication step. Learn More
Single Sign On
Allow users to sign on to multiple applications while providing their credentials only once. Learn More
SAML Authentication
Authenticate users against a SAML identity provider. Learn More
Featured designed to help you meet compliance requirements for HIPAA, FISMA, and other standards. Learn More
SQL Query Logging
Log each query request against an external data source including the user, the date and time, and the SQL statement used to query the data source. Learn More
System IntegrationRStudio
Design RStudio reports for data stored in LabKey Server. Learn More
Import data from your REDCap projects into LabKey Server. Learn More
Integrate with existing FreezerPro data. Learn More
SQL Server Synonyms
SQL Server Synonyms function like shortcuts or symlinks, allowing you to mount tables and views which exist in another schema or database. Learn More
CommunityProfessionalProfessional PlusEnterprise
ConsultingProject Roadmap
Development of project roadmap including initial design planning.
System Architecture
Ongoing system architecture and design advice from technical leads.
Online documentation, tutorials, videos and community forums. Documentation Home Page
Administrator Training
Custom-tailored user and administrator training. Learn More

1 session/year

2 sessions/year
Developer Training
Custom-tailored developer training. Learn More

1 session/year
Feature Previews
Early preview of new features and ability to provide input on product roadmap.
SupportCommunity Support
Community support boards provides answers to your questions from both our staff support team and user community members. Community Forums
Administrator and User Support
  • Priority fixes for customer-specific issues
  • Private support portal and direct access to LabKey support with guaranteed response time
  • Ongoing project management support
Operations Support
  • Customized hardware/software environment recommendations
  • Installation, maintenance, monitoring, reporting and upgrade assistance
  • Ongoing data management and security recommendations
  • Proactive server and query performance monitoring and optimization
  • Support for basic scripting in R and SQL
Developer Support
  • Support for multi-organization portals
  • Professional-grade developer support including server to server integrations, client APIs, ETLs, assay transform scripts, remote pipeline processing servers and clusters, custom LabKey-based pipelines, and module development assistance
  • Community Edition: Free to download and use forever. Best suited for technical enthusiasts and evaluators in non-mission-critical environments. LabKey provides community forums and documentation to help users support each other.
  • Premium Editions: Paid subscriptions that provide additional functionality to help teams optimize workflows, manage complex projects, and explore multi-dimensional data. Premium Editions also include professional support services for the long-term success of your informatics solutions. Subscription prices start at $39K/year plus sales tax.
  • Add-Ons: Add-Ons are functionality and services available for subscription purchase when your team subscribes to a premium Edition of LabKey Server.

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