The Study Schedule helps a study administrator track progress, identify requirements by timepoint or visit, and see at a glance how their data collection is proceeding.

Understand Study Requirements

From within your study, click the Manage tab, then click Study Schedule.

You'll see the current status and requirements in a dashboard helping you track progress.

Set Required Datasets

To mark a dataset as required for a given timepoint or visit, click a cell within the grid, as shown below.

Edit Dataset Schedule Properties

Click the to edit properties for a dataset, including Author, Data Cut Date, Category, Description, and Visibility. You will also see here when the dataset was last modified.

The Visibility setting controls how data is displayed in the Study Data Views web part.

When you edit the Status of a dataset, options are: Draft, Final, Locked, Unlocked.

Note: Locked/Unlocked is not enforced by LabKey Server: setting a dataset to Locked does not prevent edits to the dataset.

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