Quality Control Trend Reports

Premium Feature — Available with all Premium Editions of LabKey Server. Learn more or contact LabKey.

Various metrics can be used to track quality and investigate trends in different types of data. In Luminex assays and Panorama folders, Levey-Jennings plots offer built in support. Quality Control (QC) Trend Reports are a way to perform this type of quality control on other types of data, granting the ability to track metrics over time to aid in spotting possible quality problems.

QC Trend Reports can be defined on lists, study datasets, and some assays, including standard and file-based assays. You can also define trend reports via the schema browser granting you more autonomy over what is tracked and how. In addition to Levey-Jennings reports, you can plot Moving Range, Cumulative Sum (either variability or mean) and options are also available for normalizing the Y-axis to the percent of mean or standard deviations for some plot types.

QC Trend Reports are available on servers with the Premium module installed.


Example Report

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