Release Notes 20.11 (November 2011)

This topic is under construction for the 20.11 (November 2020) release of LabKey Server.

Sample Manager


  • Improved interface for creating samples and generating sample IDs.
  • Improved interface for managing assay data directly in the Biologics application.
  • Validation of nucleotide and protein sequences has been improved to better match usage.

Data Classes

  • Added ability to merge data class data


  • SQL Queries: Container Syntax - an updated container syntax makes it easier to query across different folders on the server.




  • Completed migration of source code to GitHub. A read-only copy of the trunk code will remain available in subversion to assist in migration, but all new development will be on GitHub. (docs)
  • Module Editor: Edit more module-resources directly from the UI.
  • The developer links menu has been reorganized to better support developer needs.
  • Upgrade to Python 3.x: Version 2.0 of the LabKey Python client API will use Python 3.x and drop support for Python 2.x. Until you are able to update your own usage of Python, you will not want to upgrade your LabKey Python Client API. Learn more in the labkey-api-python documentation on GitHub.
  • Upgrade to the Log4j 2 API with release 20.11. A backwards-compatibility JAR will be available if you are not able to upgrade immediately. Learn more in the docs.
  • Updates to file handling

Security Updates

  • API calls like selectRows and executeSql and UI-based requests that render data grids will now return a 400 error response if the parameters have invalid values. For example, if the maxRows parameter has a non-numeric value. In the past these bogus values were ignored, and the server used the parameter's default.

The symbol indicates a feature available in a Premium Edition of LabKey Server.


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