We're delighted to announce the release of LabKey Server version 22.11.

Highlights of Version 22.11

LabKey Server

  • Analyze LabKey data using JMP statistical analysis software via an ODBC connection. (docs)
  • Query dependency reports now include any Lookups to and from the given query, list, or table. (docs)
  • Choose whether file and attachment fields will download or be viewed in the browser when links are clicked. (docs)
  • Use Ancestors in sample naming patterns, making it possible to create common name stems based on the history of a sample. (docs)
  • New role available: Editor without Delete. Users with this role can read, insert, and update information but cannot delete it. (docs)

Sample Manager

  • Sample Finder: Reporting: Create sample reports based on lineage, sources, and assay data results. (docs | video)
  • Easily capture Amendments to signed Notebooks when a discrepancy is detected to ensure the highest quality entries and data capture, tracking the events for integrity. (docs)
  • Aliquots can have fields that are not inherited from the parent sample. Administrators can control which parent sample fields are inherited and which can be set independently for the sample and aliquot. (docs)


  • Searchable, filterable, standardized user-defined fields on workflow enable teams to create structured requests for work, define important billing codes for projects and eliminate the need for untracked email communication. (docs)
  • Each event in the history of a sample can now be viewed with ease on the Sample Timeline. (docs)
  • Manage user permissions and review assignments by group. (docs)

Premium Resources

Release Notes

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