The Actions option under Diagnostics on the Admin Console allows administrators to view information about the performance of web-based requests of the server. Within the server, an action corresponds to a particular kind of page, such as the Wiki editor, a peptide's detail page, or a file export. It is straightforward to translate a LabKey Server URL to its implementing controller and action. This information can be useful for identifying performance problems within the server.

Summary Tab

The summary tab shows actions grouped within their controller. A module typically provides one or more controllers that encompass its actions and comprise its user interface. This summary view shows how many actions are available within each controller, how many of them have been run since the server started, and the percent of actions within that controller that have been run.

Details Tab

The details tab breaks out the full action-level information for each controller. It shows how many times each action has been invoked since the server started, the cumulative time the server has spent servicing each action, the average time to service a request, and the maximum time to service a request.

Click Export to export all the detailed action information to a TSV file.

Exceptions Tab

This tab will show details about any exceptions that occur.

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