Premium Feature — Available with all Premium Editions of LabKey Server. Learn more or contact LabKey.

Site administrators can download a zip file bundling diagnostic information about their running LabKey Server. The contents of this file can help LabKey Client Services diagnose server configuration issues and better help you resolve them.

Downloading Diagnostic Information

To download the diagnostic zip file:

  • Select (Admin) > Site > Admin Console.
  • On the Server Information tab, click Export Diagnostics.
    • If you do not see this link, you are not running a premium edition of LabKey Server.
  • Click Download.

The LabKey diagnostic zip file will now download automatically.

Note: The files included may be very large and take time to compress and download.

Depending on your browser and settings, you may find the downloaded archive is visible on a toolbar at the top or bottom of your browser, or it may be located in a "Downloads" directory on the local machine.

Diagnostic Zip File Contents

LabKey takes your privacy very seriously. In order to serve you better, this file contains detailed information, like log files, that go beyond what is provided in the Admin Console UI. Passwords and other sensitive information are always removed to protect your privacy.

The following information is included in the archive.

Server Information

The contents of /labkey/admin-showAdmin.view. This is the information visible in the Admin Console UI. Including what you see on the Server Information tabs.

Log Files

Several sets of log files are included in the archive:

  • labkey.log, plus any rolled-over log files (labkey.log.1, etc.)
  • labkey-error.log, plus any rolled-over log files (labkey-error.log.1, etc.)
  • labkey-audit.log
  • labkeyMemory.log
Learn more about log files and roll-over in this topic: Troubleshoot Installation and Configuration.

Module Information

The contents of the Module Information tab of the admin console, with each module node expanded to show details is included, plus the contents of admin-modules.view.

You can see this view in the admin console by selecting Module Information and expanding each module node. A grid of all modules is available by clicking Module Details.

Usage Metrics

Some modules may post key/value pairs of diagnostic information for use in these reports. These diagnostic metrics will be included in the zip file, but will not be reported to mothership, the exception reporting service built into LabKey.

Thread Dump

A thread dump containing additional potentially useful information is also included. See Collect Debugging Information for more detail.

Using the Exported Diagnostics

Once it has downloaded:

  • Navigate to your LabKey Support Portal.
    • Click the LabKey logo in the upper left of this page.
    • Log in if necessary to see your list of project portals.
    • Click the icon to open the project portal.
  • Click Support Tickets.
    • If you already opened a support ticket regarding this issue, find it and use Update to add the downloaded zip file.
    • Otherwise, open a new ticket, describe the issue you are having, and attach the diagnostic file to the ticket.

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