This topic is under construction for the 23.3 (March 2023) release of LabKey Server.

Here are the full release notes for version 23.3 (March 2023).

LabKey Server

Electronic Data Capture

  • REDCap integration now supports loading of data into a default study visit, supporting situations where there the REDCap study is either not longitudinal or only defines a single visit. (docs | docs) Also available in 22.11.5.
  • REDCap reloading of studies with very wide datasets including many lookups can suppress the creation of those lookups in order to be kept under the column width limit. (docs) Also available in 22.11.5.


  • New "Auto" and "Local" Data Exchange options for easier and more secure configurations of RServe. (docs)
  • Updated interface for connecting from external analytics tools. (docs) Also available in 22.11.4.


  • The path to the full-text search index can include substitution parameters such as the version or database name, and search indexing can be configured using startup properties. Also available in 22.11.1. (docs)
  • Administrators are now proactively warned about "unknown modules," modules that were previous installed but no longer exist in the current deployment. Administrators are encouraged to delete these modules and their schemas. (details)

Distribution Changes and Upgrade Notes

  • Support for PostgreSQL 10.x has been removed. (docs)

Potential Backwards Compatibility Issues

  • Developers extending AbstractAssayProvider should review a possible issue below.


  • Improved PIVOT query documentation and examples. (docs)

Premium Resources

Sample Manager

The Sample Manager Release Notes list features by monthly version.

  • The Professional Edition supports multiple Sample Manager Projects. (docs)
  • Improved interface for assay design and data import. (docs | docs)
  • Navigate from assay results to the sample finder for those samples. (docs)


The Biologics release notes list features by monthly version.

Client APIs and Development Notes

  • Developers extending AbstractAssayProvider who are also overriding the deleteProtocol method should be aware that the method signature has been changed. Overriding code needs to be updated to accept a Nullable String as the third parameter. (details)

The symbol indicates a feature available in a Premium Edition of LabKey Server, Sample Manager, or Biologics LIMS.

Previous Release Notes: Version 22.11


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