A list is a basic structure for storing information. The schema, or set of columns and types, for a list can be created in several ways:
  • Manually create the list schema
    • Use the list designer to add fields to the list and define the schema.
    • Populating the list with data is done separately.
  • Infer the schema from a datafile
    • A best guess at columns and types will be made by reading the file; you may refine the inferred schema.
    • During the import process, list fields are defined and the list is also populated with data.
  • Import a schema exported from an existing list
    • Once a list has been defined, whether or not it is populated with data, you can export the set of fields for use in creating another list.
    • Populating the new list is done separately.
  • Import a List Archive
    • Once you have created a set of lists in a folder, you can export them as a list archive for reimport to another folder.
    • Both schema and data contents of the lists are included in the archive, so importing an archive also populates the lists.
    • Connect Lists walks through the process of creating a set of interconnected lists and exporting to a list archive.
    • A list archive is used to set up the List Tutorial.
Once you have created one or more list structures, you can add data to them:





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