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Date and DateTime Format Strings

Format strings used to describe dates and date-times on the LabKey platform must be compatible with the format accepted by the Java class SimpleDateFormat. For more information see the java documentation. The following table has a partial guide to pattern symbols.

LetterDate/Time ComponentExamples
GEra designatorAD
yYear1996; 96
MMonth in yearJuly; Jul; 07
wWeek in year27
WWeek in month2
DDay in year189
dDay in month10
FDay of week in month2
EDay in weekTuesday; Tue
aAm/pm markerPM
HHour in day (0-23)0
kHour in day (1-24)24
KHour in am/pm (0-11)0
h .......Hour in am/pm (1-12) .......12 .......
mMinute in hour30
sSecond in minute33
zTime ZonePacific Standard Time; PST; GMT-08:00
ZTime Zone-0800
XTime Zone-08; -0800; -08:00

To control whether an internationally ambiguous date string such as 04/06/2014 should be interpreted as Day-Month-Year or Month-Day-Year, an admin can set the date parsing format at the site level.

Note that the LabKey date parser does not recognize time-only date strings. This means that you need to enter a full date string even when you wish to display time only. For example, you might enter a value of "2/2/09 4:00 PM" in order to display "04 PM" when using the format string "hh aa".

Format Shortcuts

At the field level, instead of providing a specific format string, you can use a shortcut value for commonly used formats. For details, see Date & Number Display Formats

Number Format Strings

Format strings for Number (Double) fields must be compatible with the format that the java class DecimalFormat accepts. A valid DecimalFormat is a pattern specifying a prefix, numeric part, and suffix. For more information see the java documentation. The following table has an abbreviated guide to pattern symbols:

#NumberYesDigit, zero shows as absent
.NumberYesDecimal separator or monetary decimal separator
-NumberYesMinus sign
,NumberYesGrouping separator


The following examples apply to Number (Double) fields.

Format StringDisplay Result
yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm2008-05-17 01:45
yyyy-MM-dd HH:mmaa2008-05-17 01:45PM
yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS2008-05-17 01:45:55.127
MMMM dd yyyyMay 17 2008
hh:mmaa zzzz01:45PM Pacific Daylight Time
<no string>85.0

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