When features are under development and not yet ready to be incorporated into the production product, they may be included as experimental features. These features may change, break, or disappear at any time. We make absolutely no guarantees about what may happen if you turn on these experimental features. Proceed with discretion and please contact LabKey if you are interested in sponsoring further development of features listed here. Enabling or disabling some features will require a restart of the server.

  • Select (Admin) > Site > Admin Console.
  • Choose the Admin Console Links tab.
  • Click Experimental Features under Configuration.
  • Carefully read the warnings and descriptions before enabling any features.

Notifications Menu

Display a notifications 'inbox' icon in the header bar with a display of the number of notifications; click to show the notifications panel of unread notifications.

Generic [details] link in grids/queries

This feature will turn on generating a generic [details] link in most grids.

Legacy Lineage Query

This feature will restore the legacy lineage queries used on the Material and Data details pages.

Client-side Exception Logging to Mothership

Report unhandled JavaScript exceptions to mothership.

Client-side Exception Logging to Server

Report unhandled JavaScript exceptions to the server log.

Rserve Reports

Use an R Server for R script evaluation instead of running R from a command shell.

To set up:

  • Go to Admin > Site > Admin Console and click Experimental Features. Enable the RServe experimental feature.
  • Go to Admin > Site > Admin Console and click Views and Scripting. Add/edit the R engine configuration to include the hostname, port, remote report temp directory, remote pipeline directory, and the remote user and password if needed. Guidelines for using an RServe user and password are described here:

Once configured, R reports executed by LabKey will be executed on the remote RServe machine by first writing a .r script file into the report temp directory then telling RServe to evalulate the script. R should have the Rlabkey package installed to ensure that http requests are sent back to LabKey Server.

LabKey Server does not support using both a local R and a remote RServe server. All R scripts will be executed by RServe if it is enabled.

For additional information about using Rserve with LabKey, see LabKey/Rserve Setup Guide.

User Folders

Enable personal folders for users.

Create Specimen Study

Adds a button to the specimen request details page that creates a new child study containing the selected specimens, associated participants, and selected datasets.

Use Sub-schemas in Study

Separate study tables into three groups:

  • datasets
  • specimens
  • design

Use Abstraction Results Comparison UI

Use a multi-column view for comparing abstraction results.

Use Last Abstraction Result

Use only the last set of submitted results per person for compare view. Otherwise all submitted iterations will be shown.

Abstraction Comparison Anonymous Mode

Make person names and randomize ordering for abstraction comparison views.


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