Premium Feature — This feature is part of the Professional Plus and Enterprise Editions. Learn more or contact LabKey for set up assistance.

The RStudio module lets you design R reports in RStudio using data selected in LabKey Server.

RStudio integration lets you browse for data in a LabKey Server data grid and then launch RStudio with your data pre-loaded into a variable. You can then design an R report in RStudio using the data selected in LabKey Server.

RStudio Set Up

  • First, configure Docker by following the instructions in the topic: Docker Set Up
  • Second, configure RStudio as follows:
    • Go to > Site > Admin Console.
    • Click the Admin Console Links tab.
    • Under Premium Features click RStudo Settings.
    • If you have successfully created the Docker image, it will be listed under Docker Volumns.
    • Configure the remaining fields as appropriate for your environment, and click Save.

Launch RStudio from LabKey Server

  • In your folder, confirm that the modules docker and rstudio are enabled.
  • Now you can export data grid data to RStudio. On a given data grid:
    • Select Export > RStudio.
    • Enter a Variable Name and click Export to RStudio.
    • This will launch RStudio with your data loaded into named variable:

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