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The RStudio module lets you design and save reports using RStudio from Posit, instead of LabKey Server's built in R report designer.

There are two options for using RStudio with LabKey.

  • RStudio:
    • A single-user RStudio server running locally.
    • Follow the instructions in this topic to configure and launch RStudio: Connect to RStudio
  • RStudio Workbench (previously RStudio Server Pro):
    • If you have an RStudio Workbench license, you can run multiple sessions per user, and multiple versions of R.
    • First, the RStudio Workbench server must be set up and configured correctly, as described in this topic: Set Up RStudio Workbench
    • Then, integrate RStudio Workbench with LabKey following this topic: Connect to RStudio Workbench
Once either RStudio or RStudio Workbench is configured and enabled using one of the above methods, you can use it to edit R reports. You can also directly export data into a named variable. Learn more in these topics: With further configuration, you can access the LabKey schema through RStudio or RStudio Workbench. Learn more here:

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